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Dear Sacred Souls, are you ready to reconnect with your divine selves and the magic you have within? Do you feel the desire to flow and grow with the cycle of the seasons? I have created an online community that can help you achieve these and more. I am personally inviting you to join myself and others today. Together we will embark on a Living Magically journey.

What is the Soul Circle Community?

The Soul Circle Community is an intimate virtual group of beautiful people who desire to deepen their spiritual practice in the art of magical living. After analizing the past year I discovered where my energy is going to be most beneficial for myself and others. I continually found myself saying “the magic is in the details.”

My intention is to dive into the depths of the details and I want you by my side. Together we will navigate the mundane world, we will be committed to nurturing our connection to the ebb and flow of the Moon’s powerful tides. Through this we will reconnect with our cherished, divine selves and the magic within – flowing and growing with the cycles of the seasons.

How does the Soul Circle Community Work?

Each month, I will deliver two recorded Activating Rituals, one at the New Moon and one at the Full Moon. Each event will give light to the seasonal and astrological aspects to help us efficiently utilize passing pockets of energy. Each will also include energetic clearings, healing transmissions, activations, downloads, and meditations, to accommodate powerful reflection and transformation.

Each virtual and ethereal circle will be recorded for your convenience, to be accessible at the times you are able to connect, reflect, and receive these powerful downloads. Membership will include a private Facebook group invitation to share the power of your extraordinary transformation as we build and nurture a dedicated Soul Circle Community.


What is the Investment?

When you join the Soul Circle Community you are going to develop bonds with others who desire a magical life just as you do.

$50 per month, will allow you to begin the journey into your own Magical Self.

Are You Looking to Take Your Practice to a Deeper Level?

Do you wish to take your practice to a deeper level? I am also offering an expansion of Living Magically. In addition to the offerings above, you and I will connect monthly or weekly in a one-on-one session to focus on your specific transformation, evolution and break-through, as you rise more fully into your Magical Self. These sessions may include, but are not limited to changing beliefs, creating new habits, helping you reconnect with your daily practice, personalized activations, working with your Akashic records to explore and define your soul’s purpose and step into full embodiment.

Breakthrough to Expansion – A 90-Day Renaissance

For those who have been dealing with a resistance to developing the habits, behaviors, and consistent focus required to cultivate a meaningful and magical life, I have created the Breakthrough to Expansion Program.


Wherever the seeker begins, we will work together on an emotional aspect of reconnecting to your highest soul-self. We will make sure that the etheric field, aura, and broken chakras are healed and heightened. The result will be a return to wholeness and oneness.

Over a period of 90-days, we will connect weekly to explore, define, and expand on the truth of your divine purpose. The offering will be designed to meet the needs of the sacred seeker.

Let’s schedule a call to discover if we are a good fit for partnership, and to discuss a design for the offering that will best serve your Evolving Soul for expansion and rebirth.

Breakthrough Delivery
Step 1: Healing the wounded child for reunification with the authentic self.
Step 2: Healing the heart of shock and trauma from this lifetime
Step 3: Connecting with the lower self to be liberated from the inner saboteur and victim
Step 4: Uniting with the higher self to confirm the soul’s contract
Step 5: Collaborating with the soul-self to define and live your purpose-filled life

Let’s schedule a free exploration call to discuss your needs to create the perfect fit.

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