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Spiritual + Earth Activator

Michelle Orwick

Magical Mindset Coach

Transformational Healer

Master ThetaHealing Certificate of Science Instructor


Twenty years a spiritual seeker, I have been a teacher and student for the last decade. My goal is to help people find joy in their lives, enabling the release of fear, worry, stress, and/or negativity. With that endeavor, I became a Reiki Master in 2010, and started absorbing all forms of magickal and metaphysical learning, delving into the study of world religion, and how the brain is wired. From there, I discovered ThetaHealing, becoming an instructor in 2011, and earning the highest accommodation in the field with the Certificate of Science / Instructor in 2012. Acknowledging how it could change the neuro-pathways of our minds, enabling a new process and ability for someone to find their own way back to wholeness, I have in that time certified over 200 students and have offered over a thousand one on one healing sessions with my clients.

I have dedicated my life to guiding people on their spiritual journeys, helping them to create the life they desire, filled with joy and purpose...

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