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What to Expect in a Session...


As the session begins we will connect to the Divine. We will call in your otherworld helpers and wisdom keepers. Then we will have a short discussion with the reason for the session and create an intention together.


All sessions include Basic Clearing, Refilling of Energy. Ending with Activations, Downloads, and Healings.


Session themes also may include...


Distance Reiki.

Akashic Record Readings.

Soul Retrieval.

Past Life Karma Journey & Healing.

Forgiveness / Freedom Work.

Spiritual Divorce.

Oaths, Vows, Promises, Contracts.

Sacred Soul Activations.

DNA Activations.

Chakra Balancing & Activations.

Magical Mindset Coaching.

Mentorship Coaching.

Marriage & Relationship Coaching.

Premarital Coaching.

Alternative Life-Style Coaching.

Love & Soul Mate Healing.

Clearing Manifesting & Abundance Blocks.

Crystal Grid Healings.

Soul Blueprinting.


Using a variety of skills and education. 9 years as a ThetaHealing Instructor (8 of which have been as a ThetaHealing Master with a Certificate of Science). 20 years as a Reiki Practitioner (10 of which have been as a Reiki Master). 20 years working with the Light Body and Chakra System. As well as, using a combination of my vast knowledge of Astrology, Numerology, the Akashic Records, and metaphysical tools to enhance the session.

Insiders View of a Session

Enjoy this insiders view of a ThetaHealing session with free healing for all viewers at the end. With social media at its highest usage of all time right now and growing each day, some people are feeling fear when opening themselves up to comments and criticisms on these social platforms. Join us on this intimate session on overcoming social media bullying and achieving one's highest potential. By watching this video, you too can receive the transmission of these energetic healings by just accepting these life changing downloads.

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