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8-8 Lion's Gate

Anchor in the

VIP Retreat

Reboot & Activation

August 7-9, 2020

at the Anchor Inn Bed & Breakfast

New Symrna

Anchor in the energy of the 8-8 Lion's Gate with Michelle Orwick, at the Anchor Inn in New Symrna.
A small intimate bed & breakfast, perfect for a social distance retreat. Each private suite includes a queen size bed, mini fridge, and personal jacuzzi tub. Just 2 miles away from the beach.


The 8-8 Activation is a sacred ceremony intended to tap into the flow of

infinite love, abundance, and divine connection.

At the height of the 8-8 Lion's Gate Portal we will be Activating the eighth chakra of the higher heart of divine union and working with the 8-pointed star. This is a very powerful channeled activation using sacred geometry, crystals, oils and meditation to truly ignite the next layer of our divinity.


Retreat Schedule

August 7th, 3pm : Check-in. Dinner on your own.

August 7th, 7pm : Appetizers & Intention Setting.

August 8th, 8am : Activation at the beach.

August 8th, 10am : Brunch.

August 8th, 11-3pm : Elevation Session.

August 8th, 3-5pm : Reflection Time. (personal space)

August 8th, 5pm : VIP Dining.

August 8th, 7:30pm : Gather for 8-8 Lion's Gate Initiation Ceremony.

August 9th, 9:30am : Breakfast.

August 9th, 10am : Closing Ceremony.

August 9th, 11am : Check-out.

Only 5 slots available. $880. SOLD OUT.
More to come in the future.

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