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ThetaHealing Basic DNA

Duration: 3 Days     ::     Investment: $500     ::     Includes: Book, Manual

Prerequisites: None

There is a reason that all five major world religions have a form of meditation integrated into their religious practices. Meditation is a powerful tool, grounded in our own biology, for turning the eyes inward for self-insight, for changing and controlling how our thoughts flow, and for healing, empowering, and improving our inner selves. True meditation, by its very nature, enhances self-awareness and control. Meditation works with our body's physiology to change our brainwaves and our physical chemistry. The brainwaves that are induced in meditative states are known as theta waves. Theta waves are the brain's electrical signature indicating a deep calm, relaxation, or peace. It is the same state that the human body uses to begin to enter REM sleep, for dreaming. This deep meditation is thought to help bridge the conscious and sub-conscious minds. ThetaHealing is a carefully directed meditation technique that allows its practitioners to consciously see within, identify problems, bad habits, old wounds, and bad information, and then perform focusing, healing, and empowering tasks within.


This three day course is a prerequisite for nearly all of the other ThetaHealing Courses. It is a discovery class, introducing the meditation techniques of ThetaHealing in order to help each person find awareness and insight into their lives and their health. ThetaHealing uses meditation and prayer to allow people to use their own personal spirituality to look deeply within their own beings in order to identify the things that block them from being, having, or doing, the things that they want in their life. This directed self-reflection allows them to then seek to clear blockages, change the way they think, and to heal old wounds. It is inclusive of all religions and spirituality, and is based in the ideas of empowerment through love and compassion.

Basic ThetaHealing is the gateway to higher learning offered in the more advanced ThetaHealing Classes.

Online: May 3-5, 2024: Friday 7-10 pm EST, Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm EST

or May 7-9, 2024: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12-6 pm EST

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