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ThetaHealing Dig Deeper

Duration: 2 Days     ::     Investment: $500     ::     Includes: Book, Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA

Digging is an advanced ThetaHealing technique that targets deeply seated belief systems. These can step from family histories, upbringings, cultural norms, and life experiences and traumas. Often, anxieties or confidence issues, even health problems, can be caused by these deeply planted ideas. These are known as “blocks”.

This class uses the Digging technique to help students who have completed Basic DNA and Advanced DNA to go further into their own sub-conscious selves and root out all of the things that keep them from achieving their full potentials. This technique helps the practitioner identify key core beliefs, examine then closely, and then figure out the real causes for their life problems. This process forms the foundation for a deeper, more permanent set of positive changes.


This course helps the practitioner learn all of the techniques for releasing this knowledge both for themselves and for others. It helps to reveal all of the hidden beliefs below the surface that impact every decision of every day.

Online: July 6-7, 2024: Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm EST

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