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ThetaHealing Disease and Disorder

Duration: 10 Days / 2 Weeks     ::     Investment: $1,600     ::     Includes: Book, Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy

This 10-day Master ThetaHealing course delves deeply into diseases and how they relate to emotions and belief systems in the body. An in-depth understanding of disease from an Intuitive perspective, including practical application, makes this a perfect course for anyone seeking mastery of healing themselves and others, and is particularly useful for Alternative Professionals, to broaden their professional tool-sets.

The phrase “Listen to Your Body” is so frequently used in health circles that it is cliché. But the concept of paying close attention to what the physical body is saying is sound. Body Whispering is the skill that makes it possible to Intuitively question the diseased body in order to understand the problem there. It can help the practitioner understand how long the disease has been present, and why it is there, and sometimes even reveal the belief or toxicity that formed it.


Diseases and illnesses themselves rightly hold a great deal of fear for most people and for a healer, this can result in blocks that prevent them from becoming a conduit for healing energies. People fear the disease itself, exposure and contamination, treatments, and the enormity or severity of the disease. They often carry a great deal of fear along genetic and historical lines. ThetaHealing practices teach that understanding the fears and releasing them make Healing possible, with the help of the Creator's energy. This Course helps students identify the fears, resolve them, and to channel the miraculous energy of the Creator.


The Disease and Disorder course is loaded with tips for Healers, and allows practice time so that students can master the techniques. It is also designed to help practitioners with Intuitive body scanning techniques, to round out the skill set. This course includes the body systems, coverage of over 100 diseases and disorders, herbs and minerals, and heavy metal poisoning.

Online: December 26-30, 2023 January 2-6, 2024 :: 12-6 pm EST

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