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ThetaHealing DNA 3

Duration: 5 Days / 1 Week     ::     Investment: $1,200     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Intuitive Anatomy

Advanced Intuitive and Psychic Development

DNA 3 is a 5-day Master class in the ThetaHealing series.


Mastery of the Highest Vibrational Connection with the 7th Plane of Existence is the key to the most transforming and empowering connection to the Creator. DNA 3 teaches students to master the knowledge that everyone is creating their own reality, and with sufficient enlightenment, can set out of that reality at will. DNA 3 helps the practitioner empower themselves to a heightened level, and present their energy laden DNA and present it to the Creator.


This class helps students release toxins in the body, mind, and spirit. Makes changes in the relationships of the practitioner and enables them to connect with Soul Family and Star Seed Family.


It makes practitioners more open to the thoughts and emotions of the people around them. It returns them to the world in a state of purity, and makes them open to miracles and magnifies their healing abilities.


This course teaches students to Line Up the Eternal Molecules, and impacting inorganic and organic matter. It teaches even deeper resentment work, the Water Exercise, telekinesis and force fields, changing one's future, finding one's element and balancing it, Spiritual bi-location, transformative healing, thorough and extensive belief work, digging, and downloads.

It teaches the power of our words to Manifest our reality. It is full of hands-on exercises focused on deep empowerment in order to help students learn to shift the world around them. The secrets to the true potential to the wonderful mind are revealed in this course.


This course is especially designed for ThetaHealing practitioners who want to magnify and expand their skills in order to live in a continual 7th Plane knowingness with the bright connection to the Creator of All That Is.

Online: August 14-18, 2023 :: 12-6 pm EST

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