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ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy

Duration: 15 Days / 3 Weeks     ::     Investment: $2,800     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

The human body is amazing in its complexity and ability. The way the mind, body, and soul communicate and relate to each other is no less amazing. In this intensive and transformative 15 day course, students journey through each system of their own body, learning to intuitively hear and see each one. This course explores the energy and chemistry of emotions and how the body houses emotions, trauma, and beliefs. Blocks in this fashion can cause disease, and clearing blocks and negativity can reopen channels and accelerate healing in every organ and system in the body.

This course is the most comprehensive of the ThetaHealing series, and winds together a healing seminar, a self-development workshop, and intuition training. It is the perfect accompaniment to other healing modalities, leaving the practitioner clear and open to channeling healing energy of many types.


Each day in the series students are guided through communications with a different part of the body. The bones carry our issues about support and strength. Digestive and sexual systems hold trauma and abuse. The nervous system holds the key to communication and connection to the outside world. Anger and resentment are held in the liver. The skin carries beauty and self-esteem issues, and the eyes the ego. These things and more are explored each day, as well as more detailed workings such as health and immunity to fungus and parasites. Intuition and Clairvoyance become more practical and easy when body system blockages are removed and clarity and flow are restored to the body. This course delves into intuition and working with guardian angels and guides, balancing hormones and toxicity, and releasing phobias and fears.


This class is designed for the most serious ThetaHealing practitioners to dramatically amplify their ThetaHealing skills and help them become expert scanners and healers of the physical body.

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