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ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance

Duration: 2 Days     ::     Investment: $500     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Much of life's successes are a simple matter of taking the time to set goals, to plan thoroughly, and to have the confidence to just execute the plan. But there is so much junk, so much noise and static, and so much stress and negativity in the world that what should be simple tasks become un-climbable obstacles. The Theta Healing state is designed, from its ancient roots in Vedic meditation, to take a practitioner out of the clutter and noise in the world and into a place of light, of peace, and of clarity. This state of clarity allows people to zoom in and out of their lives, seeing the reality from different perspectives and identifying the important in full focus.

Manifesting is a technique that is used to bring very specific goals into focus for the practitioner and for the Creator and to keep them in focus until the goal is achieved.


Manifesting and Abundance is a two day Theta Healing course that teaches self-empowerment. This class helps students learn to identify blocks in more detail, and to use the Theta state to trouble shoot and problem solve them away. This information can help people who feel trapped in a difficult, stressful, or dead-end job, who live paycheck to paycheck, who feel like slaves to money or who just want to build their business faster, more efficiently, and with less fuss.


The course teaches exercises to remove blocks, to get un-stuck from difficult situations, to create futures from the Seventh Plane, to Bless your Money, and to seek balance in Life. It is 75% practical experience.


It is meant to be used to strip away the noise that clutters our life and to achieve our full potentials and purpose and to actively seek Positivity and Success.

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