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ThetaHealing Plant Seminar

Duration: 1 Day     ::     Investment: $250     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Ever hear of a good gardener talking to their plants? The Second Plane of Existence teaches that there is much more to that than the expression suggests. Plants communicate in many ways, from pheromones and other chemical signals, to vibrations, to light energy. They embrace us as comforting surroundings, express the beauty of the Universe, and give evidence of the exquisite nature of the Creator.

Plants are much more aware of our presence than what humans generally know. They are wound into the human experience of joy and comfort. This course helps ThetaHealing practitioners learn to be in harmony with plants. Plants use light energy to heal and ThetaHealing practitioners can both accept healing light energy from plants, and extend healing energy back into an ailing plant. This course teaches these skills, along with plant vibration frequencies, and the types of plant communication. Mother Trees, Father Trees, and portal trees will also be introduced.


Vianna's gardening tips for ThetaHealers and plant essence information will also be included.

Online :: July 6, 2024 12-6pm EST

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