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ThetaHealing Rhythm to a Perfect Weight

Duration: 1 Day     ::     Investment: $250     ::     Includes: Book

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

In today's world, it is so easy to neglect the body we were born in. Stress, busy schedules, bad choices, and bad habits contribute to sluggish bodies and self-loathing. Theta Healing is designed to put mind, body, and spirit in balance and to dismiss the negative dross that builds up as a result of our daily habits.

Rhythm to a Perfect Weight is a Theta Healing Course that is designed to help students love and respect their bodies, and to teach them to nurture it with grace and ease. The journey to the desired body shape begins with loving the body as it is. This takes personal perceptions of physical and emotional beauty, of looks and attractiveness, and reveals the truths of beauty as seen by the Creator.


The Rhythm to the Perfect Weight course teaches self-examination specifically about food beliefs and nurturing, searching for the root issues that keep each person from their health and ideal weight success. It helps people get to the bottom of their cravings, and helps them design a nutritional plan to help themselves without falling prey to fad diet myths or to starvation and deprivation.


It introduces muscle testing with belief work and the Theta Healing Heart Song. It teaches empowering beliefs designed to strengthen the practitioner's self-esteem and identity. It explains the connections of food and emotions to the chakras and vitality.

Through this course of study, students use the techniques taught in Rhythm to a Perfect Weight to find their true healthy and beautiful state, and maintain as they continue their journey.

Online: January 7, 2024: Sunday 12 - 6 pm EST

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