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ThetaHealing Soul Mate

Duration: 2 Days     ::     Investment: $500     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Accepting and receiving love takes an uncluttered house, a state of being where there isn't a lot of baggage and weight, or barriers and walls, standing in the way of the love being sent and received.

It is natural, and one of the ultimate gifts that the Universe can bestow, to seek a companion or soul-mate to join us as we undertake our journeys on the Earth. Love is the expression of the positive energy of the Universe, and is the most worthy gift in all of creation. If anything is worth the process of self-healing and manifestation, it is love.


Manifesting a Soul Mate is an elective class in the ThetaHealing Course series because it requires that students have mastery of all of the basics of ThetaHealing under their belts, and have delved into the process of self-examination and healing that puts them in touch with their true inner self, their true divine, and their true potentials.


One of the ultimate benefits of achieving a state of truth and true-seeing is that the process puts people in a state of both incredible strength and vulnerability. This state makes them open to love. The Manifesting a Soul Mate course begins by helping students ask themselves a series of questions. These questions help the student identify whether a soul mate or true companion is truly the desire of their heart, and whether or not it is time to manifest that desire.


The second portion of the class helps them to identify exactly the traits that they wish their companion or soul-mate to have. The specific traits need to be clear in one's mind before approaching the Creator. Perfection is not the goal, but compatibility. Asking for the most compatible soul mate is the goal of this trait-identifying exercise.


Finally, several different methods of manifestation are taught to the students, utilizing the previous course material.

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