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ThetaHealing World Relations

Duration: 5 Days / 1 Week     ::     Investment: $1,000     ::     Includes: Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

The ThetaHealing World Relations course is a 5-day program designed to work across cultures and belief systems. It focuses on past issues with races, religions, and people. Once these deeply seated cultural differences are brought to light, the hidden resentments and hatreds, even those that are centuries old, can be released. This process changes the way each of us look at the world, and the peace that is brought to each person in this way makes the World itself a more peaceful and compassionate place.

Much of the ThetaHealing work changes the choices that are made in the course of an average day. This course changes the very way the World is colored, making it possible to interact with other people in personal, professional, and business roles with a much higher level of insight and wisdom than before. The process of clearing generations of genetic and historical beliefs about other races, countries, and cultures leaves the practitioner with a much clearer focus, understanding themselves, and the people around them in a way that was not previously possible.


This multi-cultural insight can help practitioners become more comfortable with travel abroad, give perspective in interactions in modern diverse society, and make family and relationship interactions much easier and more comfortable.


This course works on clearing genetic and historical beliefs about other people, countries, and cultures. It helps people remove blocks related to religious differences, and helps free people from hidden prejudice and conflict that may be influencing them unconsciously in all areas of their life. It helps people resolve issues that may be present, blocking them from making the most insightful and enlightened decisions.

This course works to help each ThetaHealing practitioner treat every person with the highest levels of insight and compassion possible, the basis for true peace in the World.

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