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Dedicate Yourself to Your Priorities

Priorities are important, and it’s just as important for you to dedicate yourself to them. Over time I’ve found February to be a great month for implementing a version of rededication. It’s not uncommon for people to use January as the month to GET THINGS TOGETHER. January is the kick off of starting new habits and creating a fresh new perspective on things. When February approaches I’m ready to dedicate myself to the full on vision. This year is no different. Except it is. It’s different in a good way. I feel even more motivated. Even more ready to take on new creative practices. In hopes of both you and I being successful I am sharing the details which I believe will help you as you’re making a rededication too.

How to Have a Successful Rededication

Priorities are not Goals

To begin I want you to really look at your priorities. On a recent coaching call I had with my coach Elizabeth she asked me, “Do you know what your priorities are? Not your goals.” Wow this really got me thinking. Priorities wow, wow, wow, wow. For me this was a game shifter and changer. I realized I am standing for some very specific things. To discover your priorities jot them down, along with why there important to you. I’m sharing mine with you as encouragement to do so too.

Priority of Love

My first priority and what I stand for is LOVE. Everything I do needs to come from a place of alignment in love. I can apply this to every area of my life. If I don’t love what I’m doing I don’t do it well. If I love someone I give 100%. If I can come from a place of love and compassion I can see very clearly the other side and stop myself from acting from a place of victim, but rather from a place of my own Goddess self. I must really love someone to work with them. And I do. I love what I do and I love WHO I work with. I can see in the past where I’ve failed in any area that I have not been in love with who I served or I was selling. So really defining love as my main priority shifted a lot inside of my body energetically.

It was instant I tell you. It was immediate and full-bodied. When I aligned with the energy of love an even deeper level than I have ever done I claimed a part of me that was missing. And all of a sudden I felt more whole than I had ever felt in my entire life.

Priority of Healing

My second priority that I outlined was HEALING. A big moment for me a year ago was when I realized that healing is an embodiment of light. I then realized we are frequencies and vibrations and we can change those frequencies and vibrations to heal.

It has always been my passion to bring healing to others. I’ve always felt like I’m in a state of change and transformation. Recently I’ve really discovered that we ALL are always in a state of change and transformation. We’re changing even when we stay the same. Our cells are regenerating. Everything around us is changing. So when we resist change all we’re doing is resisting our own flow. We know it’s comfortable to stays the same. But it really is much more uncomfortable than we think. As we heal we grow. As we generate new versions of us every day, we grow. We are change agents.

Someone in one of my groups said one of the most wonderful things, “we must change to change.” Now I’ll take that even further. If you WANT to change you MUST change. If you want to stay the same,  the truth is you can’t. Nothing ever stay the same. Every day is a new day and every step is a new step.  Some will find this to be a hard truth. I find this as a pleasurable truth. Each day we recreate ourselves. When we realize that we are our own creator and embrace this creative energy we get to choose the reality we’re going to live in.

We all have something called free agency. When we take this free agency we have the right to feel anyway we want about anything. This IS the power. The power to choose your emotion. You get to choose to feel empowered. To feel whole. To feel joy. To feel complete. To choose expansion. To choose compassion. To choose kindness. On the other hand you can always go down the road a victim and powerless. This will not feel good in your body. This will not feel good in your soul. However, when you choose the positive path. The path of healing and healed. you get to choose a version and a view that receives grace and ease.

Priority of Creativity

My third thing I realized I stand for was CREATIVITY. I also realize I have not given it nearly as much time as I should. Even now as I write this there’s a part of me that thinks I should be doing “work.” So I made a very special pledge to myself to allow myself time to be creative. To write, make art, listen to music, make jewelry and other creative pursuits. I promised myself to look for and surround myself with beautiful things. Because, I know if I give creative energy into the world I will feel more creative. When I feel more creative I am better able to serve. Art in every way fills my soul and refills my cup.

I realize that I am an expression of the God/Goddess energy. And if God/Goddess is in everything then the expression of beauty is the expression of seeing through the eyes of the divine. And creating things is the act of a creator/creatix energy and keeps me thoroughly anchored in the belief that I can create anything I desire in my life. And so can you.

Priority of Energy of Service

My fourth thing I stand for and this one is really important to me is the ENERGY of SERVICE. Now I want to be very, very clear, this is not the energy of slave or servant. The energy of service is to be true and genuinely serving the causes I believe in, and the people that need what I can offer. To serve the world is to make it a better place. I truly feel I have the energy of a humble servant. I do not, however, allow myself to be taken advantage of anymore. And I think this is a very important distinction. We are not at our best if we are used and unappreciated. We should not be slaves to our families, friends, or our causes. We serve because we have a desire to make things better and we do things at our own choice and will. Service out of love will always bring about more love. Service out of obligation will bring about resentment and anger. So I serve out of a place of sovereignty verses slavery. I am never happier than when I am a humble servant in this world.

Priority of Joy

My fifth and last priority right now is JOY. This was a quest I went on about 15 years ago. At the time I called it my journey to joy. Since then I have truly found joy in so many places. In a way it encompasses everything else I stand for. Finding real joy brings a sense of balance to one’s energy field. I know now, what was missing at the time, was a sense of purpose and essence of priorities. In this quest for Joy I realized that I had to find joy inside of myself instead of outside of myself.

When I was in my darkest place I had an exercise that I still do when I have hard days. I will wake up in the morning and ask myself what is one thing I can do to bring joy to another person and what is one thing that I can do to bring joy into my life today. Interestingly enough I realized that frequently when finding a way to bring joy to someone else, it was the way I brought joy to myself. Simple Acts of kindness we’re very often the biggest thing I needed when I was at the bottom of my emotions. The next layer in this journey of joy was actually becoming my own best friend. I would start to do the same things that brought others joy for myself. Previously, I would wait for others to do for me, now I do them for me. I started buying myself flowers and making magic candles and many other little things. The simple acts made me realize that magic is in the details. Simple little details that make life worth living. This brought me to moving into a magical life. I realize that joy for me is the simple act of making magic, and for me the definition of magic is in the miracles of every day!

It's Your Turn

This February I ask you to rededicate yourself  to your journey, and your priorities. Also to rededicate yourself to your own self. Recommit to your own joy and your own magic, for magic is in the details. You can be own best friend. Treat yourself like your own lover and love yourself fiercely. Protect the love you have for yourself with every ounce of your being. Embody the energy of you. When you do this everything will shift and change.

If you’re needing a little guidance in rededicating yourself to your priorities and living a magical life, connect with me. I would love to encourage you and help you discover how to live your best life.

Live Magically,


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