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Manifesting with Gratitude

Gratitude is the greatest tool in my toolbox. My favorite way to co-create is with this simple practice. It’s incredibly interesting, there’s actually a law of the universe saying, you cannot be in lack and in gratitude at the same time. You can either be grateful or resentful but you can’t be both. This is an interesting paradigm, I encourage you to try it. By switching your thoughts back-and-forth, you begin to recognize every time you feel like you are lacking in something. This in turn gives you the power to train your brain immediately to something you’re grateful for, it’s usually something you’ve already manifested.

The Best Time for Manifesting

Right before you go to sleep is a particularly good time for manifesting. This is because the theta brainwave is when you reprogram your brain. Hypnosis is an effective way to do this. You go through the theta brain wave minutes before falling asleep as well as right before you wake up. Making right before you go to sleep the best time to self hypnotize yourself into a manifesting state.

How to Manifest with Gratitude

  1. Step one – think of a thing or two that you have clearly called into your life. Something that you’re really super duper happy about, something you’re extra proud of. If you have something that seems like a total miracle that came through, that’s perfect!

  2. Step two –  list these things that you’re grateful for. I start by saying “I’m so grateful and thankful that… is in my life now.” Now is the most important word, because with it, I’m reaffirming that I have this. It’s mine. It’s already done.

  3. Step three –  is to think of something you desire and are calling in to your life. Continue with your gratitude, saying, “I’m so grateful and thankful that this is in my life now.” Again you’re saying now, you’re affirming to your subconscious brain that you already have this and you’re already grateful for this. Your brain cannot be in lack and gratitude at the same time. You are reaffirming that this is already done in the field of manifestation.

  4. Step 4 (final step) – The last step for me is to go back to the list of things I’ve already received in my life. Using a list of conscious gratitude for the something that is already occurred at the end. I’m so grateful and thankful that this is in my life now. This creates a sandwich. Anchoring in the feeling of I already have this.

How Maninfesting with Gratitude Works

Time and space are not linear, that’s a paradigm we live in to keep our consciousness understanding one thing at a time. Quantum physics says we can only be in one state of being at an exact moment and point in time and space. However, anything that is possible for us to think could happen in this quantum field or we wouldn’t even be able to think of it occurring. The problem is, we are programmed to think about the negative. To think about safety and security. As humans we are taught to worry and fear. This becomes a negative prayer and we get exactly what we’re afraid of. But if we re-train our brain to be grateful as we already have, it becomes our new reality. With our new reality, our brain and all of our circumstances orchestrate and lineup to create exactly what we expect.

The first three steps I use for manifesting utilizes the law of three. The Law of three states “as above, so below, so within” and the very last step is to be a witness. Take the time to really witness you having the thing you’re calling in.

Go through each of your six senses and anchor in the feeling of having. What does it taste like to have the thing? What does it look like to have the thing? What does it sound like to have the thing? What does it smell like to have the thing? What does it feel like to have a thing?  What does your knowing tell you about who you would be when you have the thing?

This takes you to the place where the law of witness says that once you have experienced it fully in the field it is already on its way. Literally move into the vibration and frequency of the person who already has the thing and act from here on out as it is already yours.

Bring on the Gratitude

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is done! It is done! It is done! While you keep the gratitude and thankfulness growing and glowing throughout your entire day, you’re a manifesting magnet. Your willing to receive. Able to receive. Worthy to receive.

Live Magically, Michelle

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