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Halloween Broom Tradition

One of my favorite Samhain holiday traditions is the purchasing of a new cinnamon broom. It’s the perfect way to honor the Halloween season and the tradition of new and old spirituality. The best part is, it won’t break the bank. You can find a cinnamon broom typically around $3 and $10. However, you can personalize this tradition. Feel free to go a little more elaborate if you’d like. I usually take it a step further and buy several extra to give away for weddings and handfastings (that’s something we’ll get into another time.)

This tradition can be done on the night of the dark moon or anytime in the late part of October that feels right. However, it should take place before the 15° of Scorpio which typically happens in the early part of November. The timing should feel good for you since it’s a time of clearing and rebirth, as well as a time of honoring our ancestors and ourselves. The wheel of the year begins and ends here for those who follow the old ways. I do my best to live my life intentionally and magically, therefore I celebrate the old ways with new traditions.

My Cinnamon Broom Tradition

While this tradition looks a little different for everyone, here’s a walk through mine.

Broom First

Each year I buy a new broom. I then use the broom from the previous year to sweep energetically through the house.

I begin at the front door and go clockwise through the house, sweeping the air, releasing the old stagnant energy. I will actually say “sweep, sweep, with this broom all negativity from these rooms” as I go.

By the end of the process I’m back at the front door. That’s when I open the door and take one big final sweep out the door.

Generally I will take the old broom outside and burn it, or in someway release it from the house. (Keep in mind, if it’s the first time for the house to be swept, the brand new broom can do the sweeping then be keep for one year.)

Finally, I placed the new broom near the front door and leave it there for protection throughout the year.

Sage Next

Now I use sage in the same clockwise circle, blowing on the sage and using a feather to clear any old or wayward spirits that may be lingering at this time of year when the veil is thin.

During this circle I will state “only good intended spirits of love are welcome here in my home”. (A good sage can cost between $3 and $10. I prefer sticks of clear white sage.)

Followed by Water

Then I walk around the house once more with a bowl of salt water.

While doing this I am asking for the purification of the body, mind, and spirit of the home and those who live here.

Last Time Around with Frankincense

On my final trip around the house, I use lit frankincense.

This trip I command that the house be filled with the highest frequency of joy and prosperity. (This does not have to be fancy and a couple sticks of it will do. I’m a big fan of the Hem brand of frankincense, it can be purchased for under three dollars in most places.) If you want to get more elaborate you can certainly grind your frankincense onto a piece of charcoal and do it the good old fashion way like its been done for thousands of years. I am a bit of a practical witch and try and keep it simple. I do however believe that anything that’s been used on every continent by many different kinds of religions, Catholics and Egyptians for over 3,000 years must be good enough for me LOL.)

Light a Candle

Once I’ve made all of my times through the house, I light a candle setting my intentions. (A simple candle or something elaborate will work for this powerful most important part.)

Now is when I clearly state my personal goals for the coming year. This is the beginning of my clarity for what I will be bringing into my life.

Complete with an Offering

No simple tradition would be complete without an offering, because this is the time of our ancestors. During this time of year I love to use apple cider and pumpkin bread as my offering.

I leave it on a plate and glass in my window with the candle overnight and then take it outside into nature in the morning.

The purchasing of a cinnamon broom is a wonderful tradition that will set you up for a beautiful and intentional year. May you be blessed and live magically.

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